Best way to sum up the Cowboys season so far:

Marc Colombo was assessed a 15yard unsportsmanlike celebration penalty for falling on his butt after a chest bump. Why? Because a player going to the ground during a celebration is automatically assessed a penalty.

This penalty made the following kickoff difficult and helped the Titans return the kick to the Cowboys 4.

A few minutes later, Chris Johnson was *not* assessed the same 15yard unsportsmanlike celebration penalty for running to the Cowboys logo and standing on it and taunting, an action the NFL expressly said several years ago was a penalty after Terrell Owens also did it in Dallas. He specifically mentioned after the game that his action was an homage to Owens.

It sure would have been interesting if the Cowboys had started around the 40-45 instead of the 25 had that penalty gotten assessed.

This is not to say the Cowboys didn’t deserve to lose. They did. But being penalized for bad luck with basically falling down and not receiving the benefit for the reason the unsportsmanlike penalties were created in the first place is exceedingly frustrating.


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