So, I have so much to say, but I’m don’t have the time to do a full Rhodri-length post so I’m going to go all Liam-style.

1. I want to apologize for not continuing the political discussion from last week, there are some things I want to respond to, but I was feeling poorly much of the end of last week and couldn’t respond. After this weekend, that’s all been pushed to the back burner. So, we’ll come back to it in a bit. Thanks to those who’ve responded so far.

2. 2005 was one of the most disjointed years of my life. I lived in several places, I started my PhD, I was Queen’s Champion, and so much more. 2011 is starting off like it’ll be even wilder.

3. Part of that is dad. I’m really glad that I’ve been able to spend so much time in Wichita helping mom out with dad. He’s definitely getting better, heck he probably had more energy on Thursday than I did, but I’m still worried about both of them. I don’t know how long I’ll stay there, but as long as is needed.

4. One nice aspect is that I’m remembering how much I truly love Wichita. Kirby’s, N&J, Field House, Ah-So, Eighth-Day Books, Book-a-holic, the Warrens, the Yard, and on and on. I doubt I’ll ever live there again, but it’s a great city.

5. I thought after the injury to Charles Woodson, the phantom face-mask penalty and the ridiculous incomplete pass call that was obviously a fumble and first down for Green Bay that Pittsburgh was going to be gifted yet another Super Bowl. They have a fantastic organization, and they’ve done so much worthy of admiration, but they have also been one of the luckiest organizations since the earliest 1970s. They’re proof it’s better to be lucky *and* good. I was really happy to see the better team walk away with the victory yesterday.

6. I had three favorite commercials. There were a number of other good ones, including the BudLight trained dog commercial and the Doritos ads, but there were three that stood out. My second runner-up was the PepsiMax First Date commercial. My first runner-up was the House ad that was a direct take-off of the Mean Joe Greene Coke ad. Brilliant on so many levels. Finally, my favorite was the Volkswagen little Darth Vader ad. I *was* that kid. Truthfully, I *am* that kid.

7. So the emotional roller-coaster that was this weekend. Most of the messages on my email or Facebook have either been congratulations for my announcement as Laurel or a lament for the passing of Luci. Up then down then up then down. I’m above-the-moon excited about the Laurel, but I really wish Luci had been there to look over her glasses quellingly at me one more time at one of my silly comments. She always had that little smile like she knew everything, which of course she did. Life goes on, and I’m bouncy-bouncy about the Laurel, especially since it will be given to me by Maerwynn, but my joy will always be tempered by her memory.

12 thoughts on “Discombobulation”

  1. We are very happy for you. (Superbowl mania and all…)

    I hope we can find a way to make it to wherever it happens, but if not, know that this part of Ealdormere is with you too.

  2. The thing is, Luci would have loved to see the announcement (oh, she would have heartily approved), and both ‘Wela and I kept saying that she was there to hear it. *hug*

  3. Dumb question, from someone who really only knows a little bit of the you at Pennsic. What are you getting a Laurel for?

    Oh… and Congratulations!!!

  4. Laurel? I missed that! A worthy recognition, my friend! Congratulations! (I’ll come up with something cool in Anglo-Saxon after I get this Gothic translation done (a short scroll piece), though you could totally do one better oh soon-to-be master

  5. *sigh*

    So, the Superbowl COMMERCIALS get top billing over the Laurel?

    You are so weird.

    The Laurel is for awesomeness — wordsmithing and research at the fore. Scroll texts primary and other historical knowledge with an Anglo-Saxon bent thrown in for good measure.

    Speaking as a “fiber, research and ‘things Saxon'” Laurel, myself, I think that’s a pretty nice list. 😉

    One serious note, Luci would not want to temper your joy — she would want to be a part of it. And she would be overjoyed. Her presence is everywhere in this kingdom — not the least of which is in you.



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