Rob’s Update: Moving On Up

Week 44 of 2022

Greetings all

I teased last week about some changes. The first, and biggest change around here is that the Eldros Legacy is moving on up to from its own publishing house. They’re taking that franchise to a new level.

I said, “they’re” because I’m opting out, however. This is because I simply can’t be a major force in two publishing houses and still write my own stuff. I’m proud of what we’ve done, but there’s not enough time in the day.

So, we’re slicing Shijuren out of the Eldros Legacy to become, once again, it’s own setting.

This will, not surprisingly, require more than a bunch of fiddling, but the basic TL:DR version is that they’re building something cool, and I’m building something cool, but we’re building two different things.

This is one reason why, as I mentioned last week, I’m freshening up A Lake Most Deep. In fact, I’ll be freshening up all seven of the Shijuren novels and all the short stories as well. Got one of those edited this week, in fact.

I’m also going to rename the universe. Shijuren will stay, but instead of The World of Shijuren, I long ago realized I need a much stronger universe name. Here are the four I’m considering at the moment:

  • The Kolossoi Chronicles
  • The Firehall Sagas
  • The Reckoning
  • The Wyrdlinga

If you like any of these, let me know. If you don’t like any of these, especially let me know.

This is part of a new branding for the universe. One of the things I did very poorly as a new writer is think about branding. Well, that’s not entirely true. That implies I actually thought about branding, which I did not. I scrambled to do some of that as time went on, and in the process of making the Eldros Legacy, I learned a ton about branding. With this split, I have the opportunity to, essentially, start from scratch.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be creating a world logo, setting up a particular style for all the covers, and getting it all arranged to reflect many of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.

I’m incredibly excited about that, by the way. As I mentioned last week, I’m loving going back through A Lake Most Deep again. It’s a fun story, and now that I know more of what I’m doing, I’m excited to see where I can take it.

It was either Clarke or Asimov who said something like, you only know what you’re doing after the first million words. Well, I exceeded that a while ago, not to mention over two million words worth of editing.

Time to make my production match the quality of my imagination.

What I’m Listening To

The Prince of Denmark’s March. If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it, I always say.

Quote of the Week

Happy birthday to Teddy Roosevelt, perhaps my favorite president ever. Certainly, one of the most quotable, and here’s one I love.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; . . . who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Dudes In Hyperspace

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The latest show includes a great conversation with Sarah Burris and what libraries can offer.

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New Mythology Works in Progress

2023 FantaSci Short Story Contest open call.

The theme is Bonds of Valor, and you story must include deeds of valor centered around bonds between characters. This could be a romantic relationship, a buddy adventure, oaths to kings, or whatever you can come up with.

Deadline: November 30th, 2022
Word Count: 7-10,000 words
Specifics: Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spaced.

Current Schedule of New Mythology Press


Celebrate Spooky Season
Celebrate Spooky Season

Celebrate Spooky Season

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Cyberpunk for Kindle

Cyberpunk for Kindle

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There is no pre-release this week as everyone was busy at FactoryCon. It looked like a fantastic time.

Tracked Items

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Eldros Legacy Archives: 813 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

Founder in the Eldros Legacy series

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