Rob’s Update: Dude, Where’s My Week?

Week 22 of 2023

Greetings all

What a great, productive week! So much so I completely lost a day in there somewhere. Well, actually, I remember yesterday, as I was falling asleep, “Wait, today’s Thursday!”

So I apologize for getting this out a day late, but as I said, I got a lot done.

Shadow, Ash, Prophecy
Shadow, Ash, Prophecy

Let’s start with a cover reveal, and let me just say, this is one of my favorite covers I’ve seen so far. It’s the cover for Shadow, Ash, and Prophecy by Trisha J. Wooldridge, which comes out on the 20th.

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s from J. Caleb Designs, one of the best cover artists out there. You’ve seen his work with the Valor anthologies, the Balance of Kerr series, and now this.

Side note: There’s another cover coming next month from him that’s awesome, though I might be biased. But we’ll get to that in due time.

Trisha and I spent a great deal of time putting the final touches on Shadow, Ash, and Prophecy and I’m excited with this story. It’s set in The 27 Kingdoms and is a great follow up to Heart, Wings, and Fire, and focuses on the fey allies and enemies Byria gained in that book.

Trisha did a great job of creating a culture with Asian influences, especially Taiwanese, that still has the alien feel that the fey should have.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also been working on A Hope in Hell. This is by Christopher G. Nuttall and is the conclusion to his first trilogy in the Heirs of Cataclysm series.

This will come out on July 11th, so it’s coming soon!

On the home front, there’s been a bunch of unpacking and the barest hint of organizing. Getting there. I also spent a day getting a trailer hitch put on the car and then a pretty epic shopping trip across Wichita. Amazing how many steps when you go through Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Aldi’s, and Ollie’s.

A great week indeed!

What I’m Listening To

Pandora’s Classic Prog Rock channel has gotten me of late. Rush, Jethro Tull, Yes? Sign me up.

Quote of the Week

I learned today that both Morena Baccarin (1979) and Jewel Staite (1982) were born on the 2nd of July. Any day is a great day for a quote from Firefly, but this seems perfect!

Kaylee: No, it’s shiny! I like to meet new people. They’ve all got stories…
Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from being cheerful please?
Mal: I don’t believe there’s a power in the ‘Verse can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.
Kaylee: I love my captain.
Firefly, Pilot

Rob’s Riddles

I have a Patreon where I write Old English style riddles and provide snippets of my work. You can find it here:, along with a sample riddle.

I got a bonus riddle out last week and I’m back on track.

First Line of Next Riddle:

Born from sand but         Built on rock’s strength

Latest Snippet: Chapter 5 of Farewell, My Ugly

New Mythology Works in Progress

Rob’s Works in Progress

  • Sowing Spring’s Wrath (3,213)
  • Farewell, My Ugly (73,704)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • The Feasting of Vengeance (3,405)

Upcoming Events

New Releases

Your first release this week is Pirates & Payback from Nick Steverson and Melissa Olthoff. This is the second of their Salvage Treasure trilogy in the Salvage Title universe originally created by the amazing Kevin Steverson. Get your fast space opera action here:

Next is C.S. Ferbuson’s The Province of Danger, book 2 in his Transhuman War. Get it here:

Tracked Items

Today’s Weight: 351.0

Updated Word Count: 114,169

Firehall Sagas Archives: 737 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

Creator of the Firehall Sagas Universe

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