2015 Season Overview

Well, it’s time for my overall predictions. This, by the way, is the TL:DR page. You can find my detailed discussions at my divisional breakdowns.

Here are my divisional breakdowns
NFC East: 2015 Prediction
NFC North: 2015 Prediction
NFC South: 2015 Prediction
NFC West: 2015 Prediction
AFC East: 2015 Prediction
AFC North: 2015 Prediction
AFC South: 2015 Prediction
AFC West: 2015 Prediction

NFC by seed
1: Seattle (NFC West Champion)
2: Dallas (NFC East Champion)
3: Green Bay (NFC North Champion)
4: Tampa Bay (NFC South Champion)
5: Philadelphia (Wildcard 1)
6: Minnesota (Wildcard 2)

Wildcard Round
Green Bay beats Minnesota
Philadelphia beats Tampa Bay

Divisional Round
Seattle beats Philadelphia
Dallas beats Green Bay

NFC Championship
Dallas beats Seattle

AFC by seed
1: New England (AFC East Champion)
2: Denver (AFC West Champion)
3: Baltimore (AFC North Champion)
4: Houston (AFC South Champion)
5: Kansas City (Wildcard 1)
6: Miami (Wildcard 2)

Wildcard Round
Miami beats Baltimore
Kansas City beats Houston

Divisional Round
Kansas City beats Denver (you’re welcome, Snorri)
New England beats Miami (sorry, Marty)

AFC Championship
New England beats Kansas City

Super Bowl
Dallas beats New England

Yeah, I think this Cowboys team is that good. I may be too close to the team, but it’s the deepest I’ve seen it since the early 90s.

It’s clear to me that the NFC is the deeper of the two conferences, at least in terms of great teams. The NFC South is wretched at the moment, but all the other divisions have potentially great teams.

As a side note, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, Carolina, and Arizona are all 2014 playoff teams that I think will miss the 2015 playoffs. This is about right, given that around 5.7 teams don’t go back the following year after making the playoffs.

As for last year, I did pretty good. I picked 3 of the 8 divisions exactly right. I picked the division winners in 2 others, and in another case I flip-flopped the division winner and wildcard. My only really bad prediction was Tennessee. The other division I struggled with was the NFC North, and I was not the only one.

In terms of playoffs, I predicted Seattle to win, and I was damn close to being right.

As I said last year, there are 255 games remaining in the season. Let’s get this going.

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