Scroll Text Sunday – Ashir & Maerwynn Fyrd Preprint

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Today’s scroll text is one of a series I wrote for Ashir and Maerwynn when they reigned. In Calontir, there is a set of preprinted texts and scrolls made with the names, dates, and other relevant information filled in as needed for nearly all AoA-level awards. These are the most common awards, and in order to make life easier for the Royal Scribe, they are, as mentioned, done ahead of time to create a library of available scrolls. This is especially important should the King and Queen decide, on a moment’s notice, to give out another award, which happens frequently.

In any case, this was one of my favorites out of my favorite set of preprint texts. All of this reign’s preprints were inspired by the Secret History of the Mongols, since that was the was the persona they reigned with. This was one of the two iren fyrd texts.

If I’m remembering correctly, Yama was the first to receive a text with this wording.

Iren Fyrd Text 1

You have made Our foemen’s hearts empty.
You have cut out parts of their liver.
You have made their beds become empty.
And you have made an end of their descendants.
For this, We Ashir and Maerwynn, Qan and Qatan
Join your spear to Our ranks of spears
And name      person’s name        a Fyrdman of Our Calon Ordu.

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