Weekly Update: Fun at DodecaCon

Week of September 19-26

Greetings all

Welcome to all of the new additions from DodecaCon 4. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. You can find a link to my full after action report in the Recent Blog Posts and Wiki Additions section below.

Most everything here is self-explanatory, but I’ll explain a couple of things. The Recent Additions section are things I’ve added in the past week since the last update. The Spotlight section is where I link to artists or creators who I like that I think you should know about.

Also, don’t be surprised if I keep adding things. I appreciate every one of you who have agreed to join my mailing list and I will be adding cool things as I think about them to make reading this email worthwhile.

Quote of the Week

Today’s quote comes from Airplane, one of my favorite movies. Number 19 on my Wandering Signature Chart is a riff off of an Airplane quote (I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing printer ink), but throughout the movie the dialogue is so intricately brilliant.
Here’s one of many amazing interchanges:

“Operator: [Captain Oveur is on the phone with the Mayo Clinic] Excuse me, Captain Oveur, but I have an emergency call on line five from a Mr. Hamm.

Captain Oveur: Alright, give me a Hamm on five, hold the Mayo.”

– Airplane

It doesn’t get better than that, and now, I want a sammich.
News and Works in Progress
– I’m making progress on the next Edward novel, which will be called Where Now the Rider. Tentative release date is 30 November.
– The updated electronic version of The Eyes of a Doll is now live on Amazon. If you already own it, you can add wiki links by contacting Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/clicktocall (phone) or http://www.amazon.com/clicktochat (chat). If you purchase it in the future you’ll get those links automatically.

– I’ll be recording the episode for Write Pack Radio this upcoming Sunday.

Recent Blog Posts and Wiki Additions
– Scroll Text Sunday (Maren’s Champion Scroll): https://robhowell.org/blog/?p=460
– DodecaCon AAR: https://robhowell.org/blog/?p=462
Upcoming Events

– 30 September – 2 October: Kansas Author’s Club convention in Lawrence, KS
– 8 October: Calontir Fall Crown in Omaha, NE
– 14-16 October: Time Eddy in Wichita, KS
– 21 October: MCC Longview Festival
– 22 October: Horses and Heroes
– 27-30 October: World Fantasy Convention

I’m going to point at this Kickstarter again because it’s in its last week. It’s been funded, but there are some stretch goals still available. It’s by my artist, Patrick McEvoy. As you know, I think he’s a fantastic artist and he’s lending his talents to another noir-themed mystery, this one a graphic novel that blends Cthulhu with Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. You can find more info at:

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at rob@robhowell.org. Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell
Author of the Shijuren-series of novels
Website: www.robhowell.org
Currently Available Works
A Lake Most Deep (Edward, Bk 1)
The Eyes of a Doll (Edward, Bk 2)

I Am a Wondrous Thing (The Kreisens, Bk 1)

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