World Fantasy Con Pre Post

Greetings all

I’m in the Warehouse Cafe in downtown Columbus, a nice little place run by a family of Albanians. I suspect I’ll eat here several mornings since the sausage omelet was very tasty.

In the background is Drew Carey hosting The Price is Right. I’m a huge fan of Drew, dating mostly from the Whose Line Is It Anyway? days. On Youtube you can also find Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza, which has some skits that just couldn’t get shown on ABC.

Speaking of WLIIA, I just heard they’re renewed for the upcoming year on CW. I find this version the best, because the CW lets them get away with a bit more risque stuff than did ABC or BBC. Also, Aisha Taylor is brilliant as the host, even better than drew in my opinion, though I wonder how Drew would have done with the censorship reduced.

Either way, I love Whose Line, often watching Youtube skits to help me sleep. If you want to watch something simply hilarious that probably made a censor explode, here’s Richard Simmons on Whose Line

In about an hour I’ll be setting up my dealer’s booth for World Fantasy Con.

I will be in the Dealer’s Room most of the time, but also will be involved in a couple of panels. I’ll be moderating a panel on Thursday at 4pm about The Fantasy of the American Heartland with Karen Bovenmyer, Lynne Cantwell, Gary K. Wolfe, and Stephanie Loree. Then, on Saturday at 5pm I’ll be moderating again a panel discussing How George R. R. Martin Has Changed Fantasy with Dan Koboldt, Ginjer Buchanan, Betsy Dorbush, and Christopher Husberg.

I’ll be in the Dealer’s Room the following hours:

Thursday, 27 October:  2pm to 8pm, except when I leave to go to  the panel at 4pm

Friday, 28 October:  10am to 6pm

Saturday, 29 October: 10am to 6pm, except when I leave to go to the panel at 5pm

Sunday, 30 October:  11am to 2pm

As with WorldCon, I don’t have any clue or expectation to sell a ton of stuff. It’ll be nice. However, I’m hoping to make some of the connections. This time, I’ll be smart enough to have a sign-up for my mailing list, which I kick myself for not having at WorldCon.

Well, off to do other things. Have a great day, everyone.



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