England Expects Every Man To Do His Duty

Well, Portsmouth it is. There’s a B&B near the docks that’s relatively inexpensive so I’m off to Portsmouth. We really don’t have room in the car for me the whole day, what with Eddie, Mia, and Louis and Tom, their two kids. Eddie’s fine with dropping me off in Portsmouth, however, so I should be there pretty early. Hopefully, the room availability shown on the internet is reasonably accurate.

Portsmouth is one of the places I’ve wanted to go. Nelson’s Victory is there and I really want to see that. There are also a lot of naval and maritime museums there so I’m excited.

Also, I’ll be in Portsmouth in time to find a pub to watch England-Portugal in the World Cup. That will be a fantastic atmosphere.

In addition, I should have WiFi access at this B&B, which means I’ll be able to post a bunch more pictures and also be on IM later tonight, at least by 6pm Missouri time and probably earlier.

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