Live-Blogging New York at Dallas 3rd Quarter

And we’re back with 100,000 plus of our friends…

Nice coverage by the Cowboys. The special teams has been a bright spot so far in 2009.

Crap. Justin Tuck is hurt. I hate it when there are injuries.

Good run by Jacobs despite pretty good defense.

Even better run by Jacobs. Bleah.

I hate Cris Collinsworth. “The second half is all Brandon Jacobs.” Two plays. Two plays, that’s it.

No, the story is missed tackles by the Cowboys… oh wait, it’s been three plays.

Wow, what happened at halftime in the Giant’s locker room. Hamlin really screwed up. And we got away with 2 personal fouls on that play. The Giants have come out fired up.

At some point, the Cowboys defense will start making some big plays. Maybe not tonight… 🙁

Though that was nice defense there.

Wow, what kind of throw was that? Nice defense there once inside the red zone. Which gave the opportunity for a big break for the Cowboys. 3 free points back from the Giants. That sort of equalizes the Jones fumble on the kickoff.

Romo and Garrett have made a habit of making really good adjustments at halftime and owning the third quarter. Time to do that again.

105,121 attendance. Wow. Largest NFL attendance evah.

Wow, Jones nigh unto went all the way. Nice run there.

And Collinsworth may be right about the heat, because both defenses are missing tackles. I would have thought that would have kicked in later in the 3rd quarter though. I wonder if teams cool off at halftime too much at times.

That was a weird play, too short for the first down. However, nice punt by McBriar though Bradshaw should not have caught it.

Out of sorts start by both teams to the third quarter. Both teams wasted nice runs by their backs.

Nice tackle by Newman on Jacobs to cover a mistake by Spencer.

Liveblogging with a cat is challenging. Aesc says “Hi.”

A great blitz to force a quick pass and a big 3rd down. But before that the Giants had to burn a timeout. That’s four wasted timeouts by the Giants. Didn’t matter in the first half. We’ll see what happens later on.

2 down linemen and a great blitz to force a punt but a huuuuge penalty. Damn.

Wow. Penalties. Gifts to the Giants. Two mediocre penalties to create 40 yards of offense.

Great tackle by Newman to stop a first down. Nice stop. But the field position battle got switched. Sigh.

Tony Romo is just too pumped up I think.

Felix!!!!!! El Gato with 56 yards. And Marcus is somewhere yelling at the TV!!!!

And a good run by Barber.

Beautiful cutback by Barber. 1st and goal at the 2.

Giants sell out to stop the run and hold them on first down.

Wasted opportunity. Bad throw there.

W00000ttt!!!! A QB draw. They don’t call that often. I can’t remember them calling that at all last year.

One thing about the Cowboys this year is that they have yet to have any real huge plays on defense or special teams. What I mean is that all of the points they have put up so far (58) have come from normal field positions. I don’t think they’ve started a single series yet on the other side of the 50. All of their points have come on long drives. This is a goooood offense.

Buehler with another touchback.

Olshansky sighting. Nice tackle there.

Wow. Missed opportunities on both sides. Should have been the first sack of the season but missed it allowing Eli to miss a wide open big play.

Good defense there leading to a mediocre punt. This might be the best field position of the Cowboys so far this year 🙂

Nice little taking advantage of what’s there on a pass to Hurd. His first catch of the season.

Hey Collinsworth, Barber got hurt. That’s why his numbers went down.

And we have a first down.

And now another gift to the Giants.

Damn. What a mediocre end to the quarter for the Cowboys. They had a chance to put the screws to the Giants there. Nice catch by Manningham, though the throw was mediocre. Had Manning put it in front of Manningham it’s a touchdown.

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