Live-Blogging New York at Dallas 4th Quarter

Big point to remember. The Cowboys are up because they’re scoring TDs in the red zone, and the Giants are not.

DeMarcus Ware is amazing. What a play to tackle Jacobs there.

Well, that was crappy defense. No pressure on Manning and non-existent coverage. We’re making Manning and his receivers look gooood.

24 points off turnovers for the Giants. Think that might be the story? The Cowboys would be dominating this game if the turnover ratio were essentially equal. Sigh. It’s amazing they’re in a game with a -4 turnover ratio.

Big 3rd and 7 here… Incomplete. I wonder what Romo was thinking here though. Crayton should have caught it though.

Need the defense to make a play here.

Wow. Great catch and throw by Manning and Manningham. Sigh.

First down because of missed tackles. The Cowboys have to stop this drive at a field goal or less or I don’t think they can win.

I have to say I love how well they’ve stopped the run, but wow on the pass defense.

Great defense there. Holding it to a FG was big. Just a 6 point lead despite mediocre defense and a -4 turnover ratio. Somehow or another, they can actually win this game.

Jones seems to be returning kickoffs tentatively. I don’t know if that’s to set up blockers or what.

Over 200 yards rushing for the Cowboys. Huge hole for MB3. Not so much there.

Big play here… with a nice play there. First down to Witten. Really nice route.

Another good run by Barber. Really good cut. He pulls up lame but Felix finishes the drive. Looks like a pulled quad or hammy for MBIII but the Cowboys can take the lead.

The Cowboys have killed the Giants up front running the ball. 29 rushes, 251 yards, 8.7ypc, 3 touchdowns. Wow. Did not expect to be able to do that to a really good Giants defense.

Speaking of the defense, now it’s up to the Cowboys’ D. 3:40 to go.

Weird. Why decline the 15 yard penalty? It’s like 2 yards of difference on the half the distance. Oh, because of where it happened.

1st and 20.

Wow. Ratliff in coverage. And he made a great play. LOL 2nd and 18.

Bleah. Nice play by Manning. Big 3rd down now. 3rd and 6.

Wow, the Giants wasted a bunch of time there to let it go to the 2 minute warning.

4 down territory, but got the first. They need about 30 yards now.

Need about 17. The Giants are probably going to be able to do this. Should have been a hold called there on Ratliff.

3rd and 4. Again 4 down territory.

Good timeout by the Cowboys here. Needed to stop the momentum and get them a breath.

Wow, another tip goes to the Giants. The bounces in their favor. And the Giants will win because of gifts and bounces. Good call by the Giants.

Bleah. The Cowboys dominate the game if they get 1 turnover or give it up 1 turnover less.

Two games. Still no sacks and no turnovers. Nearly 900 yards of offense against them. I’m shocked that the defense is playing so poorly. The offense does have 4 turnovers, but still puts up 31 points despite no gifts.

In the greater scheme of things, the big defensive plays will come. They’ll win some games because of the defense at some point.

Sigh. Can’t let those get away and that was a gift. You’re welcome New York.

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