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So, for those who haven’t talked to me lately, it’s because I’ve been working on my house.

Back room floor cleaned
Back room floor stained
Back closet floor stained
Back room walls and ceiling painted
Back closet painted
Back room trim painted and reinstalled
Back room electrical fixtures replaced/repainted (with the exception of one outlet cover that seems to have disappeared. I expect to find it someday)
Essentially the back room is done

East half of basement floor scraped. This was a massively sucky project. There was an adhesive that had to be scraped up. The east end was the worst part because it adhered more then than the west end. Nevertheless, the west end scraping still sucks.
East half of basement cleaned
East half of basement stained
East half of basement walls and ceilings painted
Basement cabinet painted
East half of basement trim mostly painted

To do list
Polyurethane the cabinetry and trim for the upstairs bathrooms
Paint the upstairs bathrooms
Re-clean east end floor after painting
Re-install electical fixtures
Install trim in basement
Paint trim around doors
Replace mantel shelf
Get countertop for washroom
Install basement cabinet
Scrape west end of basement
Clean west end of basement
Stain west end of basement
Paint ceiling and walls of west end of basement
Finish painting trim
Miter and install trim

Oh, and move everything back into place so I can haz office.

I just had to look at this to see what I have already done because it seems like this is never-ending. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “House Stuff”

  1. Hey, this list looks so familiar.

    We’ve been stalled at miter and install trim for… oh, all summer. Our basement is only halfway done; I’ve been staring at the bottle of crack sealer for a month or so. And we still haven’t started on the hallways.

    *just keep swimming*just keep swimming*just keep swimming*just keep swimming*just keep swimming*just keep swimming*just keep swimming*
    *just keep swimming*

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