House Stuff Part 2

Here’s an updated list in the past week or so.

Completed in last week or so
All but 2 pieces of basement trim painted
One corner of the basement trim installed
Upstairs bathrooms painted
Upstairs cabinetry and trim painted (except for several added items)
East half of basement electrical fixtures replaced
West half of basement electrical fixtures mostly pulled out
West half of basement floor 90% done (I hope to complete it tomorrow)
Some of the stuff has been moved back into place, and one corner of the room is actually essentially back to the way it will be.

Still To do list
Stain remaining items for bathrooms
Re-clean east end floor after painting
Install trim in basement
Paint trim around doors
Replace mantel shelf
Get countertop for washroom
Install basement cabinet
Clean west end of basement
Stain west end of basement
Paint ceiling and walls of west end of basement
Miter and install trim (some mitered and installed, will probably take 2 hours total when the rest of the room is painted)
Paint north wall of stair well
Clean house for crashers for the Scribal Symposium
Finish creating the workshop for the Symposium

If things go well, I will finish scraping the floor tomorrow. What will almost assuredly happen is that at some point on Sunday, if I don’t finish tomorrow, I’m going to say “fuck it” and just start the remaining steps of the process. If I finish tomorrow, it will go something like this:

Saturday: Clean floor with TSP cleaner
Sunday: Stain the floor, stain the remaining bathroom items
Monday: Clean the excess stain, prime paneling on north stairwell wall, put on first coat
Tuesday: Apply topcoat to floor
Wednesday: Apply primer to remaining basement paneling and paint first coat
Thursday/Friday: Paint second coat in both basement and stairwell

If I don’t get it clean tomorrow then this will move back a day, but hopefully by the end of next week the big parts of the process will be done downstairs plus both bathrooms upstairs should be completed by the end of next week. I have plans to do a little work on the downstairs bathroom, but I’m sort of doubting that will happen prior to Symposium.

Anyway, progress is progressing

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