Well, I realize it’s been a while, but you’re going to get two posts today.

The first post is the basic business post. My applications are still coming back but I’m pleased to have had three acceptance letters this time, so I know I’ll be going somewhere.

The front-runner thus far is the University of Missouri. I had a nice lunch with the prof who’d be my coordinator. She’s a smart, energetic, enthusiastic, very nice person and I think I’d really like working with her. She also would be able to let me work on Anglo-Saxon military stuff, which I didn’t think I would do because of Dr. Richard Abels. Abels is the man when it comes to Anglo-Saxon military history and I would have loved to work with him but he teaches at the US Naval Academy. I had decided that if I could not work with him, it made little sense for me to compete against him. However, it seems possible that I might be able to add him to my committee and receive his guidance with research while at Mizzou so this is extremely appealing.

Probably second is Saint Louis University. I’m still unsure of monetary details so I don’t know exactly where to rank it, but the topic and the prof are not as exciting as at Mizzou.

Third is the University of Arkansas, but the same things I said about Saint Louis apply here as well.

I’m still waiting on apps from Minnesota, Chicago, Toronto, and Ohio State so my list may not be complete yet, but it’s great to know I’m going somewhere in September and awesome that I have choices.

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  1. Congrats. 🙂 Glad to know you have some choices for school- I was going to try and go online last night, but I’ve been really exhausted lately. I’ll try to come online sometime this week now that I have a break from events until the 19th.

  2. Kudos from me too – I remember what it was like this time last year. I’ll be back in England, working, somewhere, doing something.

    I am writing a paper on 8th century English and French politics to see if that was why the Vikings had such an easy time of it. It’s been fun. I have spend much time with AS stuff before… ug Alcuin, though Bede is okay.

    Personally I hope you get to come back to Toronto. PIMS? Or the Medieval dept.?

    1. PIMS doesn’t do graduate degrees any more – only postdoc fellowships. They stopped awarding them in the early 90s, and the Centre for Medieval Studies took over all the grad degrees. Less redundancy that way.

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